Special Decisions or Action Taken Re: Reporting

CESCR E/1997/22

Chapter VI


A. Decisions adopted by the Committee at its fourteenth session


Consideration of reports at future sessions

380.     The Committee notes that there is a continuing backlog of reports awaiting its consideration and reaffirms its commitment to ensuring both that these reports are considered as expeditiously as possible and that a thorough review of the reports is undertaken to ensure that justice is done to the considerable efforts made in their preparation by States parties. It agreed that, in principle, it would consider the situation in at least one non-reporting State at each of its sessions and that, in order to facilitate this task, it would designate one of its members to take responsibility in advance for each of the next four countries on its list of non-reporting States (Honduras, Central African Republic, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Solomon Islands). It also decided that specialized agencies, non-governmental organizations and all other relevant bodies would be requested to provide information relating to the situation in each of these non-reporting States.

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