The United Nations Human Rights Treaties

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Annual and Sessional Reports

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  • Annual and sessional reports on are as of November 2012. To update use the UN website search engine here.

    Annual or sessional reports on are limited to those available in electronic form, which generally excludes reports prior to 1990 in the case of CESCR.

    When a treaty body meets, a summary of the work of the Committee and the status of the convention are published in "Annual" or "Sessional" reports, which are submitted to the General Assembly of the United Nations (and in the case of CESCR, formerly to the Economic and Social Council). In the case of CERD, CCPR, CESCR, CEDAW, CAT and CMW, the Committees produce reports on a yearly basis, and are hence called "Annual Reports". In the case of CERD, CESCR and CEDAW the annual report period coincides with a calendar year. For CCPR, CAT and CMW the annual report period covers sessions not coinciding with a calendar year: the sessions for CCPR are October and then the subsequent March/April and July sessions. For CAT, the annual report covers two sessions, November and the subsequent April/May session. For CMW, the annual report covers two sessions, November and the subsequent April session.

    The CRC and CRPD do not publish annual reports as do the other committees. Until 2008, the CRC published a report at the end of each of its sessions (January, May/June and September), and are hence called "Sessional Reports". The last available Sessional Report is from the 49th Session. Every two years, the CRC produces a report to the General Assembly called a "Biennial Report", which covers a period two years (or six sessions). The CRPD has adopted the practice of publishing a report after every session, and produces a “Biennial Report” to the General Assembly every two years.