The United Nations Human Rights Treaties

Concluding Observations

CERD - Czech Republic

Information in this section of is as of November 2012. To update use the UN website search engine here.

This section includes each of the following kinds of state-specific dialogue or conclusions which have been recorded from the commencement of the treaty system:

  1. In the early years of the treaty system, state reports were discussed by the treaty bodies in the presence of state representatives and a summary of the dialogue was included in the annual reports of the treaty bodies. Formal conclusions about the reports were not made by the treaty bodies.
  2. Later in time, some treaty bodies recorded in their annual reports specific comments on the state reports made by individual treaty body members.
  3. Ultimately, all the treaty bodies all adopted the practice of adopting concluding observations or comments on each state report considered.

Also included are:

  1. Instances when a treaty body considers additional information, or a special report, and adopts concluding observations
  2. Instances when CERD adopts concluding observations in the context of its urgent action procedure
  3. Instances when CCPR, CERD and CESCR adopt conclusions following the consideration of a state where no report has been submitted.
  4. Instances when the CRC adopts concluding observations for reports submitted under the CRC Optional Protocols.