The United Nations Human Rights Treaties

Follow-up: State Reporting

CESCR - Paraguay

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Information in this section of for CAT, CEDAW, CERD, CESCR, CMW, is as of the 2010 annual report; for CCPR is as of volume I of the 2010 annual report; report; for CRC is current to the 2010 biennial report (A/65/41) and for CRPD and CED to May 2011. Additional documents released by the treaty bodies (other than in PDF version) by May 2011 are also included. Documents specifically on follow-up produced by the Committees, and all summary records are as of May 2011.

A treaty body may follow-up concluding observations in a number of ways. Included in this section are:

  1. reports of missions to states parties
  2. requests for additional information

States may also respond to concluding observations. These are also included in this section.

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