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Lists of Issues

CEDAW - Myanmar

Information is as of November 2012.

In advance of the treaty body's consideration of state reports, the treaty body will compile a list of issues raised by the report or other sources of information. These are given to the state party to answer either before or during the consideration of that state party's report.

In addition, some of the Committees, including CAT and CCPR, have also adopted a new optional reporting procedure (LOIPR), whereby States parties submit focused reports based on lists of issues sent by the treaty body prior to the submission of the State party report. These lists of issues adopted prior to reporting are also contained in this section.

Lists of issues started to become publicly available in electronic form in the 1990s, and all those that are electronically available have been reproduced on CCPR, CESCR and CRC were the first treaty bodies to publish lists of issues in electronic form. For CAT and CEDAW, lists of issues have been available since the 33rd and 30th Sessions (2004) respectively. For CERD, lists of issues have first become available for the 69th session (2006). For CMW, lists of issues have been adopted since the 3rd session (2005). CRPD first adopted lists of issues at its 4th session (2010).