The United Nations Human Rights Treaties

State Reports

CESCR - Trinidad and Tobago

Information in this section of is as of November 2012. To update use the UN website search engine for all three forms of state reports, links provided as follows.

Reports of states parties on are limited to those available in electronic form, which generally excludes reports prior to 1992.

The following information from a state party is included in this section:

  1. When a state becomes a party to any of the human rights treaties, that state is obligated to submit reports to the treaty body at regular intervals. These reports are contained under this section on state reports.
  2. Special reports or reports specifically requested by a treaty body from a state party.
  3. Additional information which may have been specifically requested by a treaty body or may be a submission on the initiative of the state party itself.

Reports which have in fact been submitted by states parties recently may not have been issued publically by the UN, due to many factors including the need for translation, and the practice of some treaty bodies regarding time lines for publication of reports in advance of their consideration.