The United Nations Human Rights Treaties

Special Decisions or Action Taken Concerning Reporting


Information in this section of for CAT, CCPR, CEDAW, CESCR, CMW and CRPD is as of the 2011 annual report; for CERD the 2010 annual report; and for CRC is current to the 2010 biennial report (A/65/41). Additional documents released by the treaty bodies by November 2011 are also included.

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This section includes information concerning any special decisions or special action taken regarding a specific state party. This includes:

  1. requests for information
  2. formal decisions
  3. communications sent to states
  4. discussions of whether special decisions or action should be taken.

In the case of CERD, there is a special, formal procedure for early warning and urgent action in which the Committee routinely takes special action with respect to specific states. Summary records of meetings regarding this procedure of CERD are not included in this section, but are reproduced under "Summary Records".